Town seeks public input on development of Stormwater Master Plan

Monday, June 20, 2016 – for immediate release

Town seeks public input on development of Stormwater Master Plan

Planning ahead so that Oakville is always rain ready!

Stormwater management practices in Oakville have progressed greatly over the past 30 years. To build on this progress and ensure a long-term vision for stormwater management, the town is developing a Stormwater Master Plan called Be Rain Ready. Members of the community are invited to share their ideas online or at an open house on June 23, 2016.

“Staff are currently building a plan to strengthen Oakville’s stormwater management system,” said Mayor Rob Burton. “We’re calling on residents to share their own experiences and ideas with the town to build the most effective, comprehensive plan possible.”

There has been an increase in extreme rainfall events in Southwestern Ontario as a result of climate change. In addition, as the town grows, there is less natural ground for the stormwater to soak into. Instead stormwater runs onto roads, driveways, and sidewalks, which could lead to floods. Stormwater management practices have improved over time. As a result the new areas of town are less vulnerable to flooding than some of the older neighbourhoods.

Once completed, the Stormwater Master Plan will have immediate and long-term action steps to enhance the town’s approach to stormwater management and climate change issues, while Oakville residents will have important tips for how to reduce the risk of flooding on their property. The development of the Stormwater Master Plan – Be Rain Ready is being completed in three phases:

Phase 1 (completed in 2015): Assessed the condition of the existing stormwater system and collected background data
Phase 2 (now underway): Assessing the performance of the existing stormwater system to identify vulnerabilities and opportunities to decrease flood risk
Phase 3 (to be initiated Summer of 2017): Developing and assessing funding strategies to implement the plan

The June 23, 2016 open house is part of Phase 2 and will take place from 6 to 8 p.m. in the South Atrium at Town Hall. It’s a drop-in format where staff and the town’s consulting team will be present to discuss the study and answer any questions. The town will also be offering an online questionnaire starting Thursday to gather your experiences and ideas about stormwater management and drainage.

If you are coming to the open house and have any accessibility needs, please let us know by June 21, 2016 by contacting Kristina Parker at 905-845-6601, ext. 3889 (TTY: 905-338-4200), email or fill out our accessible online feedback form

For more details visit the Stormwater Management and Stormwater Master Plan web pages.

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Town seeks public input on development of Stormwater Master Plan