Town reminds sports field users to be good neighbours

Friday, May 08, 2015 – for immediate release

Town reminds sports field users to be good neighbours

Successful progressive discipline pilot will continue to encourage appropriate behaviour

Oakville’s sports field are open for the busy summer season and the town is reminding all permit holders – sports organizations, teams, players and residents – to be good neighbours and act appropriately.

In 2014 the town introduced a progressive discipline pilot project to encourage respectful behaviour on sports fields. Thanks to a collaborative effort from town staff, sports organizations, players and residents, the pilot was a great success and will continue.

“Oakville’s core values are founded on mutual respect,” said Mayor Rob Burton. “This pilot confirms our community’s values and encourages a respectful and positive environment for those on and off the field.”

The procedure includes an online reporting process to ensure incidents are documented and any resulting disciplinary action for permit holders is fair and transparent. The town’s Parks staff will continue to conduct regular checks of parks and sports fields to help ensure proper use.

The disciplinary procedure details are as follows:

Inappropriate behaviour including aggressive or bullying behaviour, foul language, public urination, littering, smoking, drinking alcohol on public property, or leaving field lights on after play is finished can be reported online through an Inappropriate Behaviour Reporting Form.
Reported incidents involving permit holders will be investigated within five business days. If the details are confirmed, disciplinary action will be taken within 10 days. Action can include a verbal and/or written warning, $150 fine, permit suspension or termination of permit, depending on the severity of the incident and any prior violations. If town staff is unable to confirm the complaint or accurately identify the offenders, no action will be taken, but the report will be kept on file.
Permit suspensions can be appealed within 14 days. New evidence must be submitted along with a fee of $250. Appeals will be reviewed by a panel chaired by the commissioner of Community Services. If the appeal is successful, the suspension will be lifted and the fee will be refunded in full.

For more information, visit the Acceptable Use of Town Facilities page.

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Town reminds sports field users to be good neighbours