Town of Oakville demonstrates strong commitment to conserving energy

Oakville’s Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan shows positive results

Want to learn more about what the town is doing to conserve energy? The Town of Oakville’s Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan (CDM Plan) is now online and highlights the steps the town has taken to improve energy consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Overall, the town continues to see positive improvements in building performances.

“Council and I are dedicated to reducing our baseline energy consumption by 2019,” Mayor Rob Burton said. “We’ve set this ambitious energy reduction goal and our CDM Plan is taking us in the right direction.”

Since 2008, the town has almost doubled its square footage of public facilities with the construction of new facilities, yet it has reduced its overall energy use by 16 per cent per square foot. The town’s leading environmental policies and programs have greatly contributed to this achievement, including setting LEED certification goals for new construction. In 2012, the Sixteen Mile Sports Complex achieved LEED Gold certification, and the Oakville Transit Facility and Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre achieved LEED Silver certification in 2014.

Other key policies and programs included:

Creating Sustainable Building Design Procedure and Guidelines
Purchasing energy at best market prices
Managing energy data
Upgrading and re-commissioning building systems

The town presently operates 52 buildings totaling 161,741 square metres (1,740,961 square feet). Operating these buildings requires over $4.2 million annually in energy costs. About $3.5 million in upgrades to achieve energy efficiencies have been carried out from 2008 to 2012.

Moving ahead, there are four key goals, 16 objectives and 58 actions identified in the CDM Plan that will require phased and prioritized implementation. The plan highlights the importance of training and educating town facility staff involved in energy management, as well as the users of those facilities, in order to achieve ultimate success.

Oakville Hydro, a community-owned company and the town’s principal electricity provider, is a proud supporter of the town’s CDM Plan. Committed to helping over 59,000 households and almost 6,000 businesses reduce their energy use, the town has received over $73,000 in rebates from Oakville Hydro since 2011 for lighting retrofits, heating and cooling upgrades, and energy audits.

“As the CDM Plan is implemented, Oakville Hydro will continue to be a key partner and collaborator, supporting the town, residents and local businesses in energy conservation and alternative energy initiatives,” said Amanda Kennedy, Vice President of Communications & Conservation, Oakville Hydro.

The town has also partnered with Oakville Hydro on renewable energy generation. In addition to the 60 kW rooftop solar project at Town Hall, capable of powering 15 homes, Oakville Hydro has 10 kW of rooftop solar photovoltaic panels and is presently installing a geo-exchange system at its head offices.

Oakville’s comprehensive CDM Plan has been prepared under the Ministry of Energy’s Green Energy Act, 2009 and Regulations (O.Reg 397/11). Under the Act, municipalities are required to submit annual reports of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, and a five-year energy conservation and demand management plan. The town’s CDM Plan presents conservation goals and objectives, detailed analysis, prioritized improvement measures, estimated costs and benefits, and information on renewable energy installations.

The town’s CDM Plan is posted on the Corporate Energy Management page along with facility information and energy data to support the community’s ‘right to know’ and its move towards open data.

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Town of Oakville demonstrates strong commitment to conserving energy