Town introduces new way to pay and dispute parking tickets

Wednesday, November 11, 2015 – for immediate release

Town introduces new way to pay and dispute parking tickets

Administrative Penalty System takes effect November 12, 2015

The Town of Oakville is introducing an Administrative Penalties System (APS) that will allow the town to handle parking ticket disputes instead of the provincial courts.

Starting November 12, 2015, anyone who receives a parking ticket can either pay the ticket within 15 days, or schedule a meeting with a screening officer to review it.

“The Administrative Penalty System is a more streamlined and efficient approach to deal with parking violations,” said Mayor Rob Burton.

As part of APS, additional administrative fees will be charged if the ticket is not paid within 15 days or a meeting to review the ticket is not scheduled. If someone chooses to dispute the ticket but is not satisfied with the decision of the screening officer, they may request a review by an independent hearing officer whose decision is final.

APS is one of several parking initiatives recently introduced by the town, including:

Temporary on-street parking permit online request form – allows you to park your vehicle on the street overnight or beyond the regulated three-hour maximum parking time
North of Dundas Street residential on-street parking permits – allows residents in the area to apply for an overnight on-street parking permit at a cost of $50 per month
Quick Stop parking spaces in downtown Oakville and Kerr Village – allows you to park for 20 minutes at specific meters for just $0.25
Pay and display machines in downtown – offers the convenience of coin or credit card payments
Pay by plate machines in downtown and Kerr Village parking lots – offers coin or credit card payments and no need to display your ticket

Visit the parking page to find detailed maps and information on the town’s parking lots and garage, on-street parking permits and restrictions, paying your parking ticket, Veterans Parking and Accessible Parking Permits, and parking during construction projects.

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Town introduces new way to pay and dispute parking tickets