Town crews were ready for Friday’s snow storm challenge

Tuesday, February 12, 2013 – for immediate release

Town crews were ready for Friday’s snow storm challenge

At last night’s Council meeting, Mayor Rob Burton thanked snow crews for their diligent work over the weekend to clean up Oakville streets and sidewalks. Friday’s snow storm was the worst this town has seen in five years with over 30 centimetres of accumulation. The fallout of the storm can be seen in the metre-high snow banks along major roadways.

“It takes a community to get things back to normal after such a large snowfall,” Mayor Rob Burton said. “I’d like to thank all the snow crews and town staff for their dedication to getting our town back up and running safely, and the residents of Oakville for their patience and their community spirit in helping neighbours and strangers alike.”

At the peak of the storm cleanup on Saturday, 85 pieces of equipment were on the roads and sidewalks to ensure snow was cleared as quickly as possible. The 1,900 kilometres of roads that was cleared, if put end to end, would equal the distance from Oakville to Winnipeg; add to that, 900 kilometres of sidewalks. Besides the snow clearing, about 2,000 tonnes of salt was dispensed across the town. Friday’s storm is estimated to have cost the town about $500,000. The total 2013 snow clearing budget is set at $4.65 million.

“We know during a snow event, such as we experienced on Friday, not everything runs perfectly,” added Mayor Burton. “But our crews and staff were on hand and worked diligently whether it was clearing roads, answering phones or taking time to help residents in need.”

The positive side of this storm can be told in the stories of residents who tweeted or emailed the town about the firefighter, plow driver or Roads and Works staff member who came to their aid when their car got stuck or couldn’t make it up a hill; and about how grateful residents were to their bus driver who safely got them to where they needed to be.

Social media played a major role in Friday’s storm with the town continually tweeting snow and transit updates, and town closures. The town received almost 200 tweets from residents throughout the weekend.

ServiceOakville received almost 350 snow-related phone calls between Friday and Sunday. Residents were also able to follow the town’s clearing schedule by using the online Snow Plow Tracker available on the town’s website, or by calling the Snow Line at 905-815-5999.

Residents can help with the cleanup by clearing catch basins and fire hydrants that are covered with snow. For more information on the town’s snow clearing procedures, visit the snow clearing page.

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Town crews were ready for Friday’s snow storm challenge