#BurlON til June 12

There’s a lot going on here in #BurlON! We’ve been having a great time with…

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#BurlON til June 12

#BurlON ’til March 7

Hard to believe it’s March this week – we got lucky with the end of…

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#BurlON ’til March 7

#BurlON Til Jan24

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The weather certainly has been a little challenging this month going from frosty to mild…

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#BurlON Til Jan24

#BurlON – Week of Oct 12-19th

Fall is a beautiful time in Burlington and there are so many great things to…

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#BurlON – Week of Oct 12-19th

Videos focus on overcoming challenges, meeting goals

All of us encounter difficulties in our daily work and life. If you want to hear how others have met challenges, surmounted obstacles or achieved their goals, check out the Leadership podcasts posted to the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) website.

Leaders in various fields talk about overcoming the difficulties they meet in their paths. Physical hardships, political obstacles, flagging motivation, different work styles — these can all be obstacles to achieving your goals. The OREA Centre for Leadership Development has posted a series of videos, each about five minutes in length, featuring various renowned leaders who have overcome obstacles to attain their goals.

Aside from creating 13 inspiring video interviews, the centre has also posted 26 audio interviews on its podcast. Conflict resolution, managing difficult conversations and handling media interviews are among the topics. Featured speakers include mountaineer Scott Kress, who talks about his journey to the summit of Mount Everest, and Marnie McBean, Canadian rower and three-time Olympic gold medallist.

You too can overcome challenges that stand between you and your goals. Watch, listen and learn about topics such as achieving high performance, procrastination, and handling a media interview in the series of interviews. Visit theLeadership section and scroll down to “Leadership Podcasts.”

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Videos focus on overcoming challenges, meeting goals

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

The clock is ticking and the pressure is on to find just the right way to show that special someone how much you care (or at least that what advertisers would have us believe). With that in mind, we thought … Continue reading →

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Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Agent Caffeine for Real Estate: Emerge! Canada with Natasha Lemire-Blair


OREA’s own Natasha Lemire-Blair, MBA, CAE, Director of Member Engagement recently sat down with Kelly Mitchell from AGENT CAFFEINE to chat about the OREA EMERGE Conference Series.

About Agent Caffeine:

Agent Caffeine for the Real Estate Industry. We focus on Tech, Strategy, and Performance.

Agent Caffeine goes to the source and get the most powerful strategies tactics and advice from those out there executing every day. Agent Caffeine is designed to engage the most influential, passionate thought leaders in all disciplines of business. Their fire pushes us to be better, benefit from past mistakes and gives us a driving desire to evolve and change. Asking the questions you need answered to power your business, polish your strategy and make a dent in the universe. Inspired by helping you.

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Agent Caffeine for Real Estate: Emerge! Canada with Natasha Lemire-Blair

This weekend in Burlington (Jun 13-14)

This weekend in Burlington is going to be amazing!  From music to sport and so much in between there is no reason to be bored with so many events happening. Saturday (June 13) marks the start of this year’s Sound … Continue reading →

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This weekend in Burlington (Jun 13-14)

Phablet Users Are Spoilt For Choice

A host of new phablets have hit store shelves since the start of fall. With exciting new features ranging from curved screens to heart rate monitors, three-day batteries to anti-shake video modules, there’s a lot to appreciate in the latest line up.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

The Samsung Galaxy Note series has a devoted following and the latest release has been hotly anticipated. The new update moves the series a huge step forward: the processor is 4K-optimized, the Quad HD resolution ramps up the screen definition, the audio recording is of superior quality, and the 16MP camera is a step up from last year.

Faithful Note users will be pleased to know the handset is still familiar. The control buttons remain in the same positions, a finger print sensor on the back is still used to secure access and when it’s used in combination with the S-Fit app it’s still handy for workouts. In short, it’s the same Note users have come to love, just better.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

The Note Edge shares many features with the Note 4 but has grabbed the spotlight due to a unique display that wraps around the right side of the phone. The side screen is both independent and connected, it can be used to launch frequently-used apps, can display widgets with short bursts of information ie tweets, and can also be used as a clock. Samsung is said to have poured millions into display development and it appears the investment is now paying off.

So far the Edge has only launched in Japan, but it’s expected to roll out across more selected markets in November. The rumour mill has the Canada launch date pegged for the first quarter of 2015 but that will depend on the momentum it builds up in the initial markets.

Huawei Ascend Mate 7

The Ascend is six inches tall, making it easy to accommodate the hefty 4100 mAh battery. The battery earns its space by powering the phone for up to three days on a single charge. Among the other highlights is the finger sensor embedded in the aluminium at the back, it’s sensitive enough to detect even a wet finger and can be reset to act as a shutter button when operating the camera. The Ascend sold over a million units in the month after its release showing a growing popularity.

Blackberry Passport

The Passport has been pitched as the serious tool for productivity-orientated professionals. It’s exciting to see how the features deliver on that promise.

The square panel is a better format for composition and the 32 GB memory means users don’t have to worry about opening files or storing data.

The physical keyboard looks like a throwback but tests have revealed it makes typing four times more accurate than on the Blackberry 10 virtual keyboard. The keyboard also includes a track pad offering a bit of cursor control.

The Passport comes loaded with Blackberry Blend, a programme that enables the sharing of content between the phablet and other devices. Blend allows users to get instant messages, respond to work and personal email, and access documents, contacts, calendar and media in real time regardless of which device they’re using.

The battery will run for 30 hours and it really is small enough to fit in a suit or jacket pocket. And peering at the screen won’t be a problem as the Passport’s pixel density is higher than both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus resulting in a display that pops with detail.

There’s a wealth of choice out there when it comes to choosing a new phablet. It’s just a matter of deciding what you want.



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Phablet Users Are Spoilt For Choice

The Ballerina Project

At Tourism Burlington we are lucky to get to work with and share images from many talented local photographers.  The city offers so many wonderful locations for those with a “good eye” to snap the perfect shot. Rolly Astrom is … Continue reading →

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The Ballerina Project