Merle Haggard and Prince

So, do you want to be a vanilla volunteer leader/president and just keep things on an even keel and not rock the boat?

Hey, the market is good and if it ain’t broke why fix it?

We’ve lost 2 great music icons within a week – country legend Merle Haggard and rock/pop/funk/blues artist Prince.

If they would have have played it safe you wouldn’t even recognize their names. But they pushed the envelope and took risks
(and took a beating while they did it ) but they’ll be remembered for generations.

Is there an important issue your board wants to move forward? Is there a legacy member service that needs to be torn apart? Are there elephants in the room that need to be discussed?

Stand out and be brave to make a difference in your volunteer leadership role. Don’t stand for the status quo.

Push the envelope and be an Okie from Muskokee and embrace Purple Rain. How many times in life are we in a leadership role and can make a real difference?

What are they going to do – cut your salary? You’re doing it for free!

Embrace change and be a rebel.


Merle Haggard and Prince

Town launches mobile app to enhance customer service

Thursday, October 22, 2015 – for immediate release

Town launches mobile app to enhance customer service

Be in the know and get connected — anywhere, anytime — with the official mobile app for the Town of Oakville.

Want a new way to access information and stay connected with the Town of Oakville? There’s now an app for that! The official Oakville mobile app gives residents and businesses a quick and convenient way to engage and interact with the town.

“Council actively encourages and supports new innovative ideas to connect and communicate with residents,” said Mayor Rob Burton. “The Oakville mobile app will make it easy for residents to stay up-to-date with town information right from their smartphone at any time, from anywhere.”

Available in the iTunes App Store for Apple devices and in Google Play for Android devices, the Oakville app is full of features that make it easy for citizens to access information about town news, service updates and events.

You can also share a concern or submit a service request, connect with the Mayor and your Members of Council, follow the town’s social media channels, and easily access the recreational drop-in program app, Active Oakville. Additional features include the ability for users to locate the closest parks, facilities, cycle ways and trails, and to receive timely alerts about significant service disruptions and weather events.

Oakville’s mobile app is a welcome addition to a roster of innovative online services the town offers its residents on including the temporary on-street parking permit form, new interactive mapping tools for active building permits, parks and sports fields amenities as well as FindOakville — the town’s new site selection tool that allows users to search for available commercial and industrial buildings, and vacant employment land.

As this is the first phase of the project, new features will be added as the town continues to transform the way it delivers service, engages with the community and promotes open, accessible and accountable government. Later this year, Oakville Transit is implementing an Intelligent Transportation System that works with GPS technology to track buses in real-time.

“Council is always looking for opportunities to best serve our citizens whether by phone, in person or online. We look forward to expanding our online services in today’s increasingly mobile and digitally connected society,” added Mayor Burton.

The Oakville mobile app is available for use on Apple and Android smartphones and tablets:

Download the Oakville app for iPhone 
Download the Oakville app for Android 

Purple Forge (, a leading provider of mobile application services to governments across North America and around the world, is the vendor for the Oakville mobile app. Their mobile applications allow- governments to engage with their citizens and keep them informed about routine information, or push alerts to them in case of emergencies. Supporting a broad range of applications, Purple Forge is helping cities to become smarter and more responsive to their citizens’ needs.

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Town launches mobile app to enhance customer service