Throwback Thursday: Home Ownership Matters

Home Ownership Matters to people, to communities and to Ontario

It has been almost five years since OREA launched its very successful “Home Ownership Matters” campaign. The purpose of the campaign was to promote greater support for affordable home ownership to candidates, political parties and key decision makers.

Thanks to OREA’s public relations and adverting efforts, our message was picked up by major news outlets and more importantly, by key decision makers. Thanks to the “Home Ownership Matters” campaign, all major Ontario political parties included home ownership and housing friendly policies in their election platforms.

The message of affordable housing continues to resonate today and OREA continues to communicate this important message to government.

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Throwback Thursday: Home Ownership Matters

Merle Haggard and Prince

So, do you want to be a vanilla volunteer leader/president and just keep things on an even keel and not rock the boat?

Hey, the market is good and if it ain’t broke why fix it?

We’ve lost 2 great music icons within a week – country legend Merle Haggard and rock/pop/funk/blues artist Prince.

If they would have have played it safe you wouldn’t even recognize their names. But they pushed the envelope and took risks
(and took a beating while they did it ) but they’ll be remembered for generations.

Is there an important issue your board wants to move forward? Is there a legacy member service that needs to be torn apart? Are there elephants in the room that need to be discussed?

Stand out and be brave to make a difference in your volunteer leadership role. Don’t stand for the status quo.

Push the envelope and be an Okie from Muskokee and embrace Purple Rain. How many times in life are we in a leadership role and can make a real difference?

What are they going to do – cut your salary? You’re doing it for free!

Embrace change and be a rebel.


Merle Haggard and Prince

Introducing Ontario’s Top 2016 YPN Leaders

OREA is pleased to introduce it’s 2016 YPN Leadership Award winners. The recipients of this year’s awards are:

Bradley Mayer-Harman (Brampton Real Estate Board)

John-Ross Parks (Quinte & District Association of Realtors Inc.)

Peter Butler (Simcoe & District Real Estate Board)

Lindsay Reid (London & St. Thomas Association of Realtors); and

Einas Makki (Timmins, Cochrane & Timiskaming Districts Association of Realtors)

These five individuals are redefining what it means to be a real estate leader in the year 2016. They were selected from a large pool of candidates for their outstanding track records of progress in real estate and their communities. In the coming months OREA will be sharing their top lessons learned and ideas for taking real estate to the next level in a series of video interviews.

 The YPN Leadership Awards program is in its second year and is designed to recognize those new to the profession or under the age of 40 who: volunteer for organized real estate; give back to their communities; and invest in their professional development. The awards are presented each spring at OREA’s annual Leadership Conference.

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Introducing Ontario’s Top 2016 YPN Leaders

Featured Alumnus: Jodie McNabb



Being patient and sensitive to other people’s needs and situations are important traits for real estate professionals. These traits are what garnered Jodie McNabb a new moniker from one of her clients.

We invite you to join the College Alumni Program and read Jodie’s profile to discover the what and the why of her new moniker. Jodie, a salesperson with Century 21 Choice Realty Inc., is the featured alumnus for March.

The Alumni Program has a dedicated, members-only website that features:

•  information on networking events; the next event will be held at OREA on May 18

•  factsheets on select topics; the most recent is Marketing Techniques, which highlights the four marketing – Product, Promotion, Price, Place

•  links to real-estate specific media; the most recent is the article published in the March issue of Edge entitled “Time flies: Organizing your day”

•  discussion boards

•  free audio podcasts

You must be a graduate of OREA Real Estate College and a member of OREA to join the Alumni Program. To join, go to


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Featured Alumnus: Jodie McNabb

Videos focus on overcoming challenges, meeting goals

All of us encounter difficulties in our daily work and life. If you want to hear how others have met challenges, surmounted obstacles or achieved their goals, check out the Leadership podcasts posted to the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) website.

Leaders in various fields talk about overcoming the difficulties they meet in their paths. Physical hardships, political obstacles, flagging motivation, different work styles — these can all be obstacles to achieving your goals. The OREA Centre for Leadership Development has posted a series of videos, each about five minutes in length, featuring various renowned leaders who have overcome obstacles to attain their goals.

Aside from creating 13 inspiring video interviews, the centre has also posted 26 audio interviews on its podcast. Conflict resolution, managing difficult conversations and handling media interviews are among the topics. Featured speakers include mountaineer Scott Kress, who talks about his journey to the summit of Mount Everest, and Marnie McBean, Canadian rower and three-time Olympic gold medallist.

You too can overcome challenges that stand between you and your goals. Watch, listen and learn about topics such as achieving high performance, procrastination, and handling a media interview in the series of interviews. Visit theLeadership section and scroll down to “Leadership Podcasts.”

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Videos focus on overcoming challenges, meeting goals

Tories Hold on to Whitby-Oshawa

The results are in for last night’s by-election. PC candidate, and Ontario’s newest MPP, Lorne Coe won the seat with a comfortable 25-point lead over Liberal candidate Elizabeth Roy.

Whitby Oshawa is considered a conservative stronghold. The seat was previously held by PC MPP Christine Elliott for a number of years.

OREA’s GR team would like to congratulate Mr. Coe on his election. We look forward to working with him and his team on key REALTOR® issues.

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Tories Hold on to Whitby-Oshawa

Things to think about in the new year

I once read that there are 3 kinds of people;

1) Those that make things happen

2) Those that watch things happen

3) And…those that say “what just happened”

 Which one are you?

If you are a Realtor and want to choose one of those 3 options, maybe you should consider volunteering on your local board. But why? It’s going to take time, you have other priorities – family, friends, not to mention your business.

Please let me offer 3 good reasons;

1) You will learn what is really happening in the real estate business –trends, new techniques, technology apps, how to stay out of trouble

2) The board will pay for your volunteer leadership training which will also translate to better business practices, more referrals and more business

3) You will have the satisfaction that you made a difference in making your profession better – how often does that happen?

Take a look at the 3 kinds of people again….can you afford Not to volunteer?

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Things to think about in the new year

Take the time to talk about time

How many times have you heard an association president say to a potential volunteer, “Oh, this position won’t take much time.”

I’ve been surveying experienced volunteers the last few weeks and the common theme has been that they were not told how much time their volunteer commitment would really take. In every case, it took a whole lot more time!

This has led to frustration on the part of volunteers as they had to give up business or personal appointments to serve or they missed meetings. This is bad for the association and the volunteer.

How can we fix this?

The association and those recruiting need to be far more accurate estimating the time required by providing more information to the volunteer:

– A short explanation of the long term goals of the association – give them the big picture

– The mandate for the committee or task force the volunteer will serve on

– The schedule and location of meetings and the estimated time for each meeting

– Estimating time for reading and preparing for meetings

– Indicating any other events the volunteer may attend (AGM, volunteer leadership training)



Take the time to talk about time

What kind of REALTOR® superhero are you?

What kind of REALTOR® superhero are you? A fun and interactive quiz developed by the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) asks that question. This online personality quiz with lively, colourful illustrations takes a lighthearted approach to the business of real estate. It aims to engage OREA members in a playful way. It notes that “All Realtors are superheroes. You juggle, you plan, and somehow, you make it all seem effortless.” Find out what kind of real estate superhero you are. This quiz is for entertainment purposes only. Start the quiz now by clicking here. Have fun!

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What kind of REALTOR® superhero are you?

Featured Alumnus: Erin Boynton-Seeley

The card that accompanied the deposit cheque read, “Erin, you’re the best.”

These are the moments that Erin Boynton-Seeley, a broker with RE/MAX High Country Realty, cherishes. The deposit cheque was for a newly accepted offer from a repeat client.

Prior to becoming a real estate professional, Erin was a stay-at-home mother. To learn how Erin came to join the profession, what types of real estate she trades, and what she hopes to be doing in five years’ time, we invite you to join our Alumni Program.

The Alumni Program has a dedicated, members-only website that includes information on networking events, links to real-estate specific media, discussion boards, online members’ directory, and the featured alumnus. In addition, members may download the following audio podcasts for free:

Being Responsible for Your Success

Choosing the ‘Right’ Brokerage

How to Build a Successful Real Estate Team

The 5 Pillars of Loyalty

Mentoring Matters

What Makes a Successful Realtor®?

Building Your Personal Brand

The Matrimonial Home: Some Basic Facts

Closing the Sale

What is Due Diligence?

To join, you must be a graduate of OREA Real Estate College and a member of OREA.




Featured Alumnus: Erin Boynton-Seeley