Relocation of Westoak Trails Skateboard Park to Palermo Park postponed

Thursday, July 08, 2010 – for immediate release

Relocation of Westoak Trails Skateboard Park to Palermo Park postponed

The Community Services Committee (CSC) approved staff recommendations to postpone the relocation of the Westoak Trails Skateboard Park to Palermo Park on Tuesday night, citing safety concerns and lack of adequate pedestrian access along the north side of Dundas Street as reasons to investigate interim locations. Removal of the Westoak Trails Skateboard Park will proceed and is expected to occur by the end of July.

“The safety of our residents is top priority,” Mayor Rob Burton said. “Enhanced pedestrian features will be constructed along Dundas as development occurs, but until that time we cannot jeopardize the safety of users who may choose to walk, ride their bike or skateboard to the park.”

On June 1, Town Council voted to move the Westoak Trails Skateboard Park to Palermo Park based on discussions at a public meeting where parents said they would be driving and accompanying their children to the skateboard park. With that information, staff felt there was an opportunity to move the skateboard park to Palermo Park, given its proximity to Westoak Trails Park.

“When Council made its decision to move the skateboard park, we wanted to limit its downtime to maintain existing service levels. That being said, the safety of our residents far outweighs the convenient location of Palermo Park until pedestrian access is improved,” Ward 4 Councillor Allan Elgar said.

The Westoak Trails Skateboard Park was installed in late July 2009 and although widely used during the day without incident, issues with inappropriate youth activity during evening and night time periods were becoming more frequent. Increased signage and security did not reduce the illegal after-hours park use. A public meeting held on April 8, 2010 was attended primarily by nearby residents who voiced their preference to have the facility removed

“Staff continues to investigate interim locations within the ward, including but not limited to, the Glen Abbey Community Centre,” Ward 4 Councillor Roger Lapworth said. “Further public consultation will occur prior to establishing a permanent location.”

Residents are encouraged to check out Oakville’s first indoor skateboard park at Kinoak Arena at the grand opening celebration on Saturday, July 10 from 12:30 to 2 p.m. with free admission, demonstrations and giveaways. The Kinoak Indoor Skateboard Park, located at 363 Warminster Drive will be open daily Monday to Saturday until September 4, 2010. Drop-in schedules include all-ages; 12 and under; 12 and over; 18 and over; and intermediate and advanced skateboarders. Visit the skateboard park web page for details.


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Relocation of Westoak Trails Skateboard Park to Palermo Park postponed