Prescribed burn at Iroquois Shoreline Woods Park set for Thursday

Tuesday, March 20, 2012 – for immediate release

Prescribed burn at Iroquois Shoreline Woods Park set for Thursday

Subject to weather conditions, a prescribed burn at Iroquois Shoreline Woods (ISW) Park will take place on Thursday, March 22, beginning at 11:30 a.m. Forestry staff from the Town of Oakville’s Parks and Open Space department will oversee the prescribed burn that is in accordance with the Operational Prescribed Burn Plan for ISW.

“A prescribed burn is a deliberately set and carefully controlled low fire that consumes dried leaves and invasive exotic shrubs, but doesn’t harm larger trees,” said John McNeil, manager of Forestry Services. “Oak trees grow more vigorously after a prescribed burn and each of our successful burns encourages the natural regeneration of our white and red oak woodlands that were impacted by oak decline in 2003.”

The prescribed burn requires several hours to complete, but lasts only one day. During this time, ISW Park will be closed to the public, and notices will be placed at all entrances advising users of the park’s closure.

Smoke from the prescribed burn should not disturb surrounding neighbourhoods, however, it is possible that some smoke may reach residential areas near ISW Park. Residents with asthma or sensitivity to poison ivy or smoke may wish to limit their exposure by staying indoors, keeping their windows closed or leaving the immediate area surrounding the park.

Lands and Forests Consulting Ltd. will carry out the prescribed burn with a qualified crew. Town staff will assist with the burn, and the Oakville Fire department will be on site in a standby capacity. Upon completion of the burn, Forestry staff will patrol the area ensuring that all smouldering debris is properly extinguished.

This is the fifth prescribed burn at ISW Park and the first since 2008. A prescribed burn was called in May 2011, however, due to weather conditions, it was cancelled. Since 2005, the town has performed successful prescribed burns that resulted in a reduction of invasive plants, such as buckthorn seedlings and honeysuckle. Overall improvements to the growing conditions within the prescribed burn area have also been seen, specifically with oak regeneration.

For more information about the prescribed burn please call the Town of Oakville’s Forestry Section at 905-845-6601, ext. 3947.

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For more information:

Candace Karandiuk
Supervisor, Forest Health
905-845-6601, ext. 3947

Kimberly Moser
Senior Communication Advisor
905-845-6601, ext. 3096

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Prescribed burn at Iroquois Shoreline Woods Park set for Thursday