Oakville ranks as one of the top five cities in Canada

According to recent national poll by Forum Research INC.

Oakville ranks among the top five Canadian cities for resident satisfaction with municipal services according to a recent opinion poll taken by Forum Research Inc. The survey measured resident satisfaction with 14 municipal services in Canada’s 30 largest cities. Oakville scored in the Top 5 along with Quebec City QC, Burnaby BC, Mississauga ON, and Sherbrooke QC. Overall, 37 per cent of the 407 Oakville residents surveyed said they were ‘very satisfied,’ 46 per cent said they were ‘somewhat satisfied,’ 13 per cent said they were ‘somewhat dissatisfied,’ and four per cent said they were ‘very dissatisfied with the municipal services provided by the town’.

“Council is very proud to be recognized as one of Canada’s leading municipalities for resident satisfaction,” said Mayor Rob Burton. “The results of the survey show that our investment in roads, facilities, parks and other services is valued by our residents. We are seeing proof of our progress towards achieving our vision to be the most livable town in Canada.”

Oakville topped the very satisfied scores for road maintenance and repair (31%) followed by Burnaby BC and Brampton ON, and scored second after Quebec City for snow plowing services (40%) and for community centres (49%). Oakville scored in the top three for parks and recreation services (53%) after Quebec City and Sherbrooke. For property taxes and municipal service fees, Oakville tied for third place with Sherbrooke (14%). Overall, Oakville ranked in the Top 10 in 13 services measured.

Forum Research Inc., one of Canada’s leading survey research firms, conducted the interactive voice response telephone survey of 12,319 randomly selected Canadian residents, 18 years or older in May 2012. Other cities surveyed included Toronto, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Québec, Halifax, Markham, Longeuil, Burnaby, Richmond, Richmond Hill, Montreal, Edmonton, Vancouver, Brampton, Laval, Gatineau, Windsor, Saskatoon, Oakville, Sudbury, Calgary, Mississauga, Hamilton, Surrey, London, Vaughn, Kitchener, Regina, Burlington and Sherbrooke.

To learn more, download the Form Research Inc. results (pdf, 588 kB).


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Oakville ranks as one of the top five cities in Canada