Oakville launches “What makes Oakville livable?” Idea Forum to engage community

Tuesday, February 05, 2013 – for immediate release

Oakville launches “What makes Oakville livable?” Idea Forum to engage community

Results will be shared with Council as part of 2013 Citizen Survey process

The Town of Oakville launched its latest online Idea Forum “What makes Oakville livable?” on February 1 with the wide-ranging idea topic “Tell us what YOU think makes Oakville most livable or what we need to do to make it more livable.” Residents are encouraged to post ideas, vote on others and share their favourites on Twitter and Facebook. Mayor Rob Burton will also be active on the forum, so look for his ideas and comments as well!

“We purposely made this topic broad so that users could provide candid feedback regardless of how small or big their ideas might be,” Mayor Rob Burton said. “Livability is subjective. My livable Oakville may not look exactly like yours, but both are equally important. We want to hear from you Oakville.”

Every two years, the town initiates a town-wide Citizen Survey to gauge public perception on municipal service delivery and top-of-mind issues facing Oakville. As part of the 2013 Citizen Survey process, Pollara Strategic Insights will be conducting a random phone survey on behalf of the town from February 22 through March 8. Visit the citizen survey page for more details.

To complement the phone survey, the town opened up the Idea Forum and also launched a short online pre-survey (closes February 15) to solicit additional feedback about town programs, services and more. Results of both surveys and the Idea Forum will shared with Council in May 2013 as part of the Citizen Survey report findings.

“In 2011, Council developed a list of strategic goals and priorities to guide our decision making over our four-year term. The results of the surveys and Idea Forum will tell us if we’re on track to meeting those goals,” Mayor Burton said.

Once registered on the Oakville Idea Forum, residents are allotted ten votes which they can use to show support for their preferred ideas (including their own) until March 29. They can also post comments on other ideas to generate discussions. Recently submitted ideas include: create a transit system worth using; use the town square better as a public space; and spend less on growing the town and expanding services.

Hosted by UserVoice, Oakville will use its Idea Forum to engage residents and generate new ideas on a number of upcoming topics, projects and initiatives. The “2013 Budget” Idea Forum pilot was a huge success and generated 71 ideas. To access the Idea Forum and online survey visit the Oakville Idea Forum.

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Oakville launches “What makes Oakville livable?” Idea Forum to engage community