Oakville Hydro installs rooftop solar generation system

58 photovoltaic panels generate power and earn money through micro-FIT program

January 21, 2010 – For immediate release
Oakville Hydro has become one of the first businesses in Oakville to install a solar energy generation system, purchasing 58 solar panels and installing them on the flat roof of its building at Fourth Line and Wyecroft Road. The 10-kilowatt photovoltaic panels generate enough energy to power about three residential homes for a year, and earn Oakville Hydro 80 cents per kilowatt hour produced for the grid through the provincial government’s micro-feed-in-tariff program (micro-FIT) for renewable energy generation.

“Solar technology can be installed on existing buildings, uses an unlimited, renewable resource, produces zero emissions, zero noise, and takes up zero usable space. And now, with the micro-FIT program, producing solar energy simply makes good fiscal sense,” said Oakville Hydro Board Chair Gary Burkett. “Oakville Hydro wants to share our experience with our photovoltaic system with Oakville’s business community and help them determine the best way to use solar to their advantage.”

The Town of Oakville, the sole shareholder of Oakville Hydro, is currently researching scenarios for installing solar panels on some town facilities. The new transit facility, scheduled to be completed in spring 2010, will run in part on geothermal energy, and that facility as well as the new quad pad arena and Queen Elizabeth Park Community Centre will be LEED certified under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design standards.

“We’re investigating using alternative, green energies in any way we can in our town facilities. Our operations have also undergone substantial changes over the last three years to make us more energy efficient,” Mayor Rob Burton said. “Oakville Hydro is demonstrating how installing green energy is a win-win situation for both a business’ bottom line and the environment.”

Oakville Hydro offers several energy conservation programs for Oakville businesses including the Power Saving Blitz and Electricity Retrofit Incentive programs that help businesses fund retrofits of their lighting and operating systems to save energy, as well as the successful peaksaverom Programmable Thermostat program.

Town energy conservation initiatives include the development of an energy management plan, energy optimization of office equipment, automated systems that optimize energy usage in town facilities, and an LED streetlight pilot project.

Businesses are encouraged to contact Oakville Hydro to explore solar energy installation and possible partnerships with the utility.

For more information on energy conservation at Oakville Hydro, visit their website.
For more information on energy conservation at the Town of Oakville, visit the target=_blank>About your environment web page.


For more information, contact:
Suzanne Austin
Municipal Energy Conservation Officer
Town of Oakville
905-845-6601, ext. 3910

Scott Mudie
General Manager, Construction and Generation
Oakville Hydro Energy Services Inc.

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Oakville Hydro installs rooftop solar generation system