Oakville celebrates official unveiling of Bronte Donor Recognition Garden

At an official unveiling celebration held Saturday, hundreds of Oakville residents were recognized for their generous donations towards the Donor Recognition Garden at Bronte Heritage Waterfront Park.

“One of Council’s strategic priorities is to enhance our natural environment. I think we’ve done just that,” Oakville Mayor Rob Burton said. “The Bronte Donor Recognition Garden pays tribute to Oakville’s community spirit and puts us one step closer to becoming the most livable town in Canada.  I know you’ll enjoy this new public space which was made possible through countless volunteer hours and your generous donations.”

“A great deal of fundraising effort went into the Bronte Butterfly project and I thank the town for their commitment to completing the Bronte Donor Recognition Garden,” Ralph Robinson, Ward 1 Councillor and former Chair of the BBF said. “It’s been exciting to see a project grow from a grassroots vision to a landscaped reality. This park is great for Bronte, great for the town and I’m extremely proud to have been part of the process.”

In 2008, the BBF presented $50,000 to the Town of Oakville to ensure that the donors of the dissolved Bronte Butterfly park project be recognized at the park. In keeping with the original Bronte Butterfly Park vision, the park includes unique landscaped gardens, an impressive gazebo, and donor recognition in the form of brick pavers, trees and benches.

“This project has been years in the making and is a huge community achievement for which you should all be proud,” Ward 1 Councillor Alan Johnston said. “I applaud the donors for their involvement and support and hope that they enjoy this lasting legacy made possible through their generosity.”

As part of the design, 841 pavers engraved with donor names, 26 benches with individual donor plaques, and six trees with donor plaques were installed.  In addition, nine trees, 172 shrubs and 1,295 perennials were planted by way of donated funds.

With a $500,000 commitment from the Halton Region, the next phase of park development will see grading to the existing open spaces, the creation of walkways, and new infrastructure for such amenities as lighting, storm sewers, catchbasins, and water services.

“It is wonderful to see the generosity and kind spirit of the residents of Halton. This is what makes Halton such a great place to live, work, raise a family and retire,”  Halton Regional Chair, Gary Carr said. “I am proud of the region’s partnership with the town on this project, and look forward to what the future brings in the next phase.”

In late 2007, Oakville Council formally acknowledged the BBF’s decision to not proceed with the proposed butterfly park and winter skateway project due to lack of funding. At that time, Council directed the Parks and Open Space Department to develop alternative park concepts for the lands within Bronte Heritage Waterfront Park. The lands, adjacent to the Bronte Outer Harbour are administered by Halton Region and maintained by the Town of Oakville.

For more information visit the Bronte Heritage Waterfront Park page.


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Oakville celebrates official unveiling of Bronte Donor Recognition Garden