North Oakville Trails Plan ensures a sustainable and healthy Oakville

Friday, May 24, 2013 – for immediate release

North Oakville Trails Plan ensures a sustainable and healthy Oakville

Trails plan protects Natural Heritage System and connects communities

Oakville’s 150+ kilometres of trails is about to expand! An extensive and connected trail system, designed specifically to link the New Communities of Oakville located north of Dundas Street, was approved by Planning and Development Council on Tuesday night. All trails will be integrated into the new communities of Sixteen Hollow, 407 West, Glenorchy, and Joshua’s Meadows over time, and will control access into the Natural Heritage System, a preserved green space of over 900 hectares.

“Oakville is unique and there needs to be a focus on providing opportunities for walking and cycling, and reducing reliance on roads. Our North Oakville Trails System provides that opportunity,” Mayor Rob Burton said. “As well, a connected trail system like this brings sustained health and ecological benefits for our community.”

The hierarchy of trails includes multi-use trails, major trails and minor trails, as well as a network of on-road cycle lanes and bike routes, many of which will provide access to the primary Active Transportation Master Plan network.

Multi-use trails

off road (within boulevard or community parks), hard surfaced trails, typically 3 metres wide
are fully accessible and intended for shared use by pedestrians, cyclists, in-line skaters, etc.
allow for year-round maintenance
form part of the Active Transportation Master Plan
will not be constructed within the Natural Heritage System
provide access to adjacent neighbourhoods

Major trails

off road, soft-surfaced trails (compacted limestone screenings) through natural areas, open space corridors, typically 2.1 to 2.4 metres wide
intended for pedestrian, cyclists and passive recreational use
accessible where possible
typically seasonal use, will not receive winter maintenance

Minor trails

off road, soft surfaced materials (limestone screenings, wood chips, natural compacted ground) through natural areas and valley systems, typically 1 to 1.5 metres wide
intended for pedestrian, cyclists for passive recreational use
seasonal use, will not receive winter maintenance
limited accessibility
provide enhanced circulation and improves access to major trail network

Over the last year, meetings with stakeholders and the public played a key role in developing the trails plan. In addition, a Council sub-committee was established for the purpose of hearing presentations and receiving comments about the trails within the Natural Heritage System.

The North Oakville Trails plan is one of several master plans included in Vision 2057. Together, with other key planning initiatives, they will shape the town’s future, creating a more livable and sustainable Oakville. To review the trails plan visit the North Oakville Trails Plan page. 

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North Oakville Trails Plan ensures a sustainable and healthy Oakville