Motorists reminded to drive safely in work zones

Friday, May 15, 2015 – for immediate release

Motorists reminded to drive safely in work zones

The good weather is here and that means town workers and contractors will be out on and near the roads over the coming months to maintain, repair and improve our roads and boulevards. Every effort is made to ensure that work zones are safe for workers and motorists, but the cooperation of drivers is a necessary part of that safety plan.

“Keeping our community safe always comes first,” Mayor Rob Burton said. “We are reminding motorists to stay focused while driving and watch for pedestrians, cyclists and town staff activity on the roads and roadways.”

The town encourages motorists to drive safely in work zones by following these safety tips:

When approaching a construction area, exercise caution and slow down. Note the posted speed limits in and around the work zone. Be aware that traffic lanes may be changed and people and vehicles may be working on or near the road
Vehicles ahead of you may stop unexpectedly. Always leave plenty of space between your car and other vehicles and equipment being operated at these locations.
Always obey directions by flag people or other workers and be patient.
Expect the unexpected. Keep an eye out for workers and their equipment. Stay alert.
Cooperate with other drivers to keep traffic moving smoothly. When traffic needs to merge because of a lane closure, ease into the driving lane early and leave gaps for other vehicles to merge.

Motorists and cyclists are also reminded to share the road. Town vehicles display the “Watch for Bikes” decal on the side mirror as a reminder to watch for cyclists as you open your vehicle door. Car-bike collisions can easily be avoided with a little care.

For information on road closures this summer, visit the town’s service disruptions page.

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Motorists reminded to drive safely in work zones