Mayor Burton launches new Emerald Ash Borer trapping project as part of Arbor Week celebrations

In celebration of Arbor Week, Mayor Rob Burton kicked-off a new Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) trapping project at Golden Meadow Park today. Mayor Burton hung the first of 125 traps provided by Canadian Forest Service that will be located at various EAB hotspots throughout Oakville over the upcoming weeks.

“Arbor Week celebrates the important role trees play in supporting the ecological and physical health of our community,” Mayor Rob Burton said. “We’re fighting a new battle in the form of a pest called emerald ash borer. In addition to planting a tree, we’re aiming to save a tree. I’m hanging this trap with hopes of minimizing the spread of this invasive species.”

EAB traps are three-dimensional triangles or prisms made of thin, corrugated, green plastic coated with non-toxic glue. The green prisms are about 24 inches long and hang in an ash tree. To increase the attractiveness of the trap to EAB, they are baited with a natural-based lure from a plant extract. The traps will be monitored throughout the summer months and pose no risk to humans, pets or wildlife.

Samples of EAB infested wood were on site at the event to demonstrate the extent of the devastation caused by EAB. “Oakville has approximately 176,000 ash trees. That’s nine per cent of the town’s urban forest. We’re working hard to lessen the impact on our existing forest canopy,” Mayor Burton added.

The Emerald Ash Borer is a metallic green-coloured beetle that was first confirmed in Oakville in July 2008. Experts say that it has destroyed more than 20 million trees in North America since its discovery in 2002. The town has taken action to help manage the impact of EAB including inventorying municipal ash trees, proactive tree planting in areas with an abundance of ash trees, and TreeAzin injections.

Over the course of Arbor Week, town staff conducted tree plantings with more than 500 children at schools across Oakville. In addition, a tree protection and stewardship workshop was offered to industry professionals to educate them on Oakville’s tree protection policies and procedures, tree protection by-laws, and application processes.

This year’s Arbor Week, which runs from May 10–16, is sponsored by Bioforest Technologies Inc., the consulting firm working closely with the town on EAB.  BioForest Technologies works with clients to manage pests before, during, and after serious attacks, to minimize the effects of pest outbreaks.

“We’re excited to partner with the Town of Oakville during Arbor Week and in the battle against EAB,” Joe Meating, President of Bioforest Technologies stated.

Arbor Week encourages tree planting and stewardship. The town has observed Arbor Week for more than 25 years.


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Mayor Burton launches new Emerald Ash Borer trapping project as part of Arbor Week celebrations