How well do you know organized real estate?

Some of these go back quite a while – answers will be in next week’s blog.

1) What was MLS® called starting in 1951 (yeah, I was around then, barely)?

2) What does MDMS stand for?

3) Name the first real estate board in Ontario with an Internet accessed, browser-enabled MLS® system

4) Name the oldest real estate board in Ontario. What about in North America?  This will be contentious

5) In the MLS® books of 40 years ago, what often appeared on page 2 after the title page? Hint: think Bureau of Competition

6) Name the first board in Canada to implement “phototrieve”

7) At its peak, how many committees/task forces did OREA have?

8) What Canadian board is able to restrict part-time REALTORS® (legally by the way?)

9) Who regulated real estate before RECO?

10) Under Robert’s Rules of Order, what does “seriatum” mean regarding handling motions?

Bonus question: who is the longest continuous serving REALTOR® in Ontario? I don’t know, so I need your input please!!!

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How well do you know organized real estate?