Going Mobile: iCollege and College Apps


How much do lay people know about the real estate profession and the advantages of hiring a REALTOR® when buying and selling a house? The College has an app for that.

iCollege is available for the iPhone, iPad, and Android platforms, and features more than 30 courses that provide practical information on industry issues. Courses are available for download at $1.99 each. One course that is offered for free, Qualities of a REALTOR®, features tips and guidelines on how to choose the ‘right’ REALTOR®. This course covers topics such as how to conduct a proper interview with a potential REALTOR® , reviewing his/her website, and deliverable services. Members and students may find these courses beneficial as well.

Current iCollege Courses

Are Lawsuits Worth It?
Areas of Consideration
Buyer Representation Agreement
Claims and Disputes
Condo Administration
Do Not Call List
Due Diligence
Final Thoughts on Resale Condominiums
First Steps in Selling and Buying
Getting Your Home Ready to Show
Lawsuits and Preventative Measures
Legal Process
Listing Agreement
New Homes and Condominiums
Power of Sale and Foreclosure
Privacy Act
Professional Services
Property Condition Statement
Property Line, Fence, Trees and Branches
Property Registration
Property Rights for Married and Common-law Spouses
Protecting Yourself
Psychological Defects and Stigmas
Qualities of a REALTOR®
Selling Rental Property
Spousal Relationships and Obligations
Ten Principles of Privacy
Types of Defects
Working With a REALTOR®

To download the app, go to http://bit.ly/14bbhwi.

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Going Mobile: iCollege and College Apps