Draft Parks, Recreation and Library Facilities Master Plan moves forward to Council

Recommendations include the retention of Oakville Arena and construction of a community centre in south Oakville

To create a more livable Oakville, the town has developed a comprehensive strategy that addresses community needs for new parks, recreation, and library facilities now and into the future. Last night, the Community Services Committee (CSC) passed a recommendation to Council for the approval in principle of the draft Parks, Recreation and Library Facilities Master Plan (PRLFMP) pending the 10 year capital budget forecast.

“Public input throughout this process has been critical,” Mayor Rob Burton said. “By listening to what our residents want and assessing community needs on many levels, we can develop facilities and services that play a vital role in advancing the overall quality of life of our residents.”

In 2011, Council received the draft PRLFMP technical assessment which was developed to assist decision-makers, stakeholders and residents in understanding Oakville’s priorities for additional parks, recreation, and library facilities — and released it for public consultation. Consultation was broad and included focus groups, stakeholder interviews, feedback forms and public meetings. The plan also took into account public feedback from the South Central Public Lands Study online survey.

A recommendation integrated in the updated PRLFMP and included in a separate staff report approved by CSC, proposes that a single pad arena be preserved at Trafalgar Park. Staff recommended that two options be further examined: to refurbish Oakville Arena or demolish it to rebuild a new arena in its place. Subject to Council approval, staff will develop architectural design concepts for both options taking into consideration the arena’s heritage attributes, public input and cost estimates. The funding for all options will be determined through the 10 year capital forecast in spring 2013.

Last year, the draft PRLFMP technical assessment recommended that Oakville Arena be taken out of service, however further consultation revealed support among the local community for retaining ice at this location as well as the creation of a community centre for south-central Oakville.

“The recommendations regarding Oakville Arena and other community facilities for south-central Oakville have been considered carefully by staff in conjunction with our residents,” said Nina de Vaal, director of Recreation and Culture. “The draft master plan was developed to determine facility and amenity requirements as the town grows, rather than final location or size of these facilities. In the case of the recreation facilities for south-central Oakville, the location of the recommended community centre will be determined through the South Central Public Lands Study.”

Other recommendations in the draft PRLFMP include:

Creation of a community centre for south Oakville which possibly includes provisions for a pool to replace Centennial Pool.
Creation of a community centre for north Oakville as part of the second phase of the development of Sixteen Mile Sports Complex that would include gymnasiums, a library, pools, fitness/activity space and provisions for youth and senior’s space.
Consideration for the future replacement of the Oakville Senior Citizens’ Recreation Centre on Kerr Street within a new community facility possibly on the Oakville Arena site.
Relocation of the Cross Street Youth Centre to north of the QEW and the development of an additional youth centre in north Oakville in addition to the space recommended for Sixteen Mile Sports Complex expansion.
Development of a community hub facility in Palermo Village for multi-use programming.
Maintenance of an active parkland of 2.2 hectares per 1,000 population.
Development of additional outdoor facilities including 44 soccer fields, two multi-use fields (artificial turf), 10 ball diamonds, and one cricket pitch. It also suggested converting under-utilized ball diamonds to address gaps in tennis courts, splash pad distribution, and new skate parks.
New library branches in Bronte, Sixteen Mile Sports Complex, Trafalgar corridor north of Dundas Street and Palermo Village.

The updated 2012 PRCLMP takes into account the changes that have occurred since the approval of the original plan in 2006, such as the acquisition of Joshua’s Creek arenas, the construction of Sixteen Mile Sports Complex, and the recent opening of Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre. It also identifies timing for new facilities based on many criteria including community needs, demands from growth and affordability.

The draft PRLFMP and Oakville Arena reports will go before Council on October 29. View the staff reports on the October 23 Community Services Committee agenda.

The PRLFMP and the SCPLS are part of Vision 2057: Live It! The Vision 2057 master plans, together with other key planning initiatives will create a more livable and sustainable Oakville. For more information visit the Vision 2057 page.

For more information contact:

Nina de Vaal
Director, Recreation and Culture
Town of Oakville
905-845-6601, ext. 3112

Emma Murphy
Senior Communications Advisor
Town of Oakville
905-845-6601, ext. 3096

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Draft Parks, Recreation and Library Facilities Master Plan moves forward to Council