Downtown Plan moving forward

Tuesday, February 14, 2017 – for immediate release

Downtown Plan moving forward

Council-approved Lakeshore Road streetscape furniture will showcase downtown’s historic character

The revitalization of Lakeshore Road took a big step forward last night when Council approved the bridge railing, the lighting and the furniture selections (streetlight poles, benches, bollards, bike rings) for downtown Oakville.

“Thanks to public input we have streetscape furniture and materials that truly reflects what our residents want to see in Oakville’s historic downtown,” said Oakville Mayor Rob Burton. “We look forward to creating a vibrant Lakeshore Road that showcases the best of Oakville’s livability, history and distinct character.”

Community input has been vital throughout the Lakeshore Road East Reconstruction and Streetscape Project. After extensive public consultation both in-person and on-line, a traditional style of streetscape furniture was approved by Council on October 3, 2016, and specific furniture pieces were selected by residents’ and businesses in December.

With Council’s approval last night, staff will begin incorporating the selections into the Lakeshore Road Reconstruction and Streetscape Project, slated to start in 2019, and into the overall Downtown Transportation and Streetscape (DTS) Master Plan for other roads in downtown as they are reconstructed. The new curbs and pavers will be included in the new construction of Lakeshore Road Bridge at Sixteen Mile Creek which is expected to be completed in December 2017. Staff have also reported to the Heritage Oakville Advisory Committee and requested a heritage permit for the furnishings.

It should be noted that the town’s standard for LED fixture colour temperature is 4000K. With town’s public outreach resulting in a clear preference for 3000K for the streetlights within the historic downtown commercial district, Council approved staff’s recommendation to retrofit 3000K LED fixtures on existing decorative poles in the town’s other commercial districts – Kerr Village and Bronte Village. In addition, while there was clear preference for the existing streetlight pole and acorn fixture styles, staff will be reporting back to Council during the final engineering design phase on the costs of refurbishing the existing poles and retrofitting the LED fixtures, or installing new poles to match the existing styles.

Moving forward, staff will continue to work on developing options for a flexible/curbless look for Lakeshore Road and will launch a separate public engagement process this spring with a report due back to Council later in the year.


The Downtown Plan, launched in December 2013, is comprised of the Downtown Cultural Hub Study (DCH), and the Downtown Transportation and Streetscape Study (DTS).

The DTS was approved by Council in April 2015. This study assessed the current traffic and roadway conditions in downtown Oakville and created recommendations to enhance the roadways, beautify streets, improve pedestrian/cycle ways and revitalize the Towne Square, by introducing design standards as well as increasing connectivity, mobility and accessibility. In November 2015 Council approved the timing for the Lakeshore Road Reconstruction and Streetscape Project to commence in 2019 and be completed over a two year period. In addition, the Lakeshore Road Bridge over Sixteen Mile Creek is now closed for reconstruction and will reopen in December 2017.

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Downtown Plan moving forward