Council’s strategic work plan on track

Key initiatives moving forward under Vision 2057 community planning framework

The town made great progress in 2011 toward implementing Council’s strategic work plan, with most key initiatives either underway or completed, Council heard at its meeting of January 23, 2012. Staff highlighted that several master plans and major land use studies launched in 2011 are continuing in 2012 and these diverse but interconnected studies are being brought together under the town’s Vision 2057 community planning framework to help achieve Council’s vision for Oakville to be the most livable town in Canada.

“Like any corporation, the Town of Oakville succeeds if it is working toward a long range vision and plan,” said Mayor Rob Burton. “We are pleased with the progress that staff has made in 2011 in implementing our strategic work plan for this term of Council. We look forward to working together with our residents, business community and other stakeholders to complete our Vision 2057 community planning framework.”

Vision 2057, which was launched last October, covers four major areas: Create it — which includes zoning, urban design and land use studies to support the town’s official plan, Livable Oakville; Preserve it — which considers how the town will protect and preserve the town’s natural, social, and cultural heritage; Afford it — which covers the work being undertaken to ensure that both the present and future are affordable, including maximizing development charges to the extent possible under provincial legislation to make growth pay for itself; and finally, Live it — which covers the many factors that go into making a community livable, including initiatives to support culture, recreation, parks, harbours, economic development, libraries, transportation and fire.

Council also received the final draft of the town’s Public Engagement Guide, which creates guidelines to help achieve Council’s goal to enhance public involvement in local government. The guide is built upon the key principles for public engagement approved by Council in 2010 and identifies many different opportunities to build trust and confidence in local government.

“There is no one single approach to public engagement that the town can employ to meet the needs of the entire community,” said Jane Courtemanche, director, Strategy, Policy and Communications. “This guide will help staff to identify the right approach for any particular issue, as well as to help the town implement new techniques that we haven’t tried before.”

Ms. Courtemanche noted the town’s upcoming Twitter budget open house on Monday, January 30, from 7 to 9 p.m. as a prime example of a new approach to try to engage members of the community who may not usually come out to a public meeting, but still have a valuable contribution to make to local government.

“Oakville residents, business and stakeholders all have an important role to play in local government,” Mayor Burton added. “Whether helping the town to establish long-term guiding principles for sustainability, or getting involved in the town’s annual budget process, I’m always interested in hearing from people on how we can best meet the needs of the community.”

Since 2007, Oakville has adopted a mission-driven approach to strategic planning that converts the town’s vision, mission and values into strategic goals. Council then determines on an annual basis which goals require the greatest attention. For 2012, council has maintained the same eight areas of focus:

To be the most livable town in Canada
To enhance our economic environment
To enhance our social environment
To be fiscally sustainable
To be environmentally sustainable
To provide outstanding service to our residents and businesses
To continuously improve our programs and services
To be accountable in everything we do

Learn more about Council’s 2011–2014 Strategic Work PlanVision 2057 and the town’s Public Engagement Guide.


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Council’s strategic work plan on track