Council maintains 200 metre setback for radiocommunications facilities

Friday, May 18, 2012 – for immediate release

Council maintains 200 metre setback for radiocommunications facilities

Oakville sends strong message to Industry Canada that public concerns must be heard

Oakville Town Council voted unanimously last night to maintain the 200 metre setback for radiocommunications facilities, that Council first established in its October 24, 2011 interim protocol, despite Industry Canada officials position that this setback was too onerous. The decision followed three nights of special hearings at which Council heard from numerous experts and members of the public.

“Council and the public listened very respectfully to officials from Health Canada and Industry Canada but were not convinced that it was in the best interests of the community to allow new radiocommunications facilities to be built wherever the industry dictated,” said Oakville Mayor Rob Burton. “We want to send a strong message to the federal government that they have to listen to the concerns of citizens of Canada, and not just serve the interests of the industry.”

Mayor Rob Burton introduced the motion to maintain the 200 metre setback. The motion also called for any industry applications to the town for new radiocommunications facilities to include a letter of endorsement from the local Member of Parliament in whose riding the facility would be located.

“Ultimately, radiocommunications facilities are regulated by the federal government, not the municipality and it is appropriate for the Members of Parliament who represent the municipality in Ottawa to take the lead for sharing public concerns with Industry Canada. The town does not have the authority to approve or deny the installation of radiocommunications facilities but Council wants to ensure that our residents have an opportunity to give feedback on these applications,” Mayor Rob Burton said.

For more information on the town’s radiocommunications protocol, visit the Radiocommunications page.


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Council maintains 200 metre setback for radiocommunications facilities