Council clarifies town’s role in telecommunications tower applications

Thursday, May 26, 2011 – for immediate release

Council clarifies town’s role in telecommunications tower applications

New policy and procedure underway

A motion introduced by Ward 2 Councillors Pam Damoff and  Cathy Duddeck, to revoke the town’s Letter of Concurrence for the Rogers Wireless Communications proposed telecommunications installation at 1461 Rebecca, received unanimous approval at Tuesday night’s Planning and Development Council. The motion also rescinded the town’s existing telecommunication facility and installation policy and procedure dated May 23, 2007. Council directed staff to develop a new policy for telecommunications applications that appropriately recognizes the need for public consultation by proponents. The town will not consider any further applications for telecommunication facilities until a new policy is in place.

“Industry Canada has exclusive authority and responsibility for approving telecommunications sites,” Mayor Burton said.

The motion cited a recent Notice of Information that was mailed to area residents by Rogers Communications that caused confusion regarding the town’s authority to approve telecommunication facilities. The notice indicated that Rogers had “received approval for a wireless communication structure of 29 metres located near the intersection of Rebecca Street and Third Line at 1461 Rebecca Street from the Town of Oakville”; where in fact, the Town of Oakville did not approve and did not have authority to approve this installation.

“Council’s decision prevents doubt and confusion about who approves these installations,” Mayor Burton said.


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Council clarifies town’s role in telecommunications tower applications