Council approves relocation of Westoak Trails Skateboard Park to Palermo Park

Thursday, June 03, 2010 – for immediate release

Council approves relocation of Westoak Trails Skateboard Park to Palermo Park

On June 1, Council approved a recommendation brought forward by Ward 4 Councillor Allan Elgar at last week’s Community Services Committee meeting to remove the Westoak Trails Skateboard Park and relocate it to Palermo Park located off Bronte Road near Dundas Street.

“I applaud the residents and appreciate how those on both sides of the issue were able to find a compromise,” Mayor Rob Burton said. “When we work together to solve problems, we come up with better solutions.”

The skateboard park was installed in late July 2009 and although widely used during the day without incident, issues with inappropriate youth activity during evening and night time periods were becoming more frequent. Increased signage and security did not reduce the illegal after-hours park use. A public meeting held on April 8, 2010 was attended primarily by nearby residents who voiced their preference to have the facility removed

“My constituents weren’t against the skateboard park. It was made very clear that the noise caused by youth hanging out in the park after-hours was impacting their quality of life,” Ward 4 Councillor Allan Elgar said. “Palermo Park is a more suitable location and in the spirit of compromise, I’m pleased that we were able to maintain the current level of youth services in our ward.”

Removal of the prefabricated skateboard equipment from Westoak Trail Park is tentatively scheduled for late July. Once the site is prepared at Palermo Park, the equipment will be dismantled and is expected to be up and operational within five days. The cost to relocate the skateboard park is approximately $50,000.

“The compromise reached to relocate the facility to Palermo Park, just a few hundred yards away, off Dundas Street West, will give everybody more space to enjoy skateboarding and other activities,” Ward 4 Councillor Roger Lapworth said. “We continue to work closely with residents and the Halton Regional Police to deter inappropriate late night activity at our parks.”

According to the Parks, Recreation, Culture & Library Master plan approved in June 2006, portable/temporary skateboard facilities in new growth areas that are underserved by youth facilities, and the incorporation of smaller scale, introductory skateboard facilities into playgrounds in the town’s newer developing areas were recommended.


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Council approves relocation of Westoak Trails Skateboard Park to Palermo Park