Council approves plan to retain Oakville Arena

Tuesday, October 30, 2012 – for immediate release

Council approves plan to retain Oakville Arena

On Monday, Council approved recommendations to either refurbish or rebuild the town’s 62-year-old landmark Oakville Arena. Staff was directed to complete an analysis and seek public consultation on refurbishing the current arena, or demolishing it and rebuilding a new single pad arena at Trafalgar Park.

“Oakville Arena has been part of the town for years and our decision regarding its future was based on resident consultation and community needs,” said Mayor Rob Burton. “Council’s decision means we can move forward in determining the option that works best for our residents, our budget and Council’s long-term strategic plan for Oakville.”

Oakville Arena opened its doors and ice pad to residents in 1950 and has been used by families for their ice and hockey needs for generations. Public response through the draft Parks, Recreation, Libraries and Facilities Master Plan (PRLFMP) and the South Central Public Lands Study (SCPLS) revealed that retaining Oakville Arena or building a new single ice pad at Trafalgar Park is supported by the local community.

In 2013 staff will begin developing architectural design concepts for both options based on the arena’s structural review, provision for ice needs, financial and maintenance requirements, heritage considerations, and public input. The funding envelope will be determined through the 10-year capital forecast in the spring.

The PRLFMP and the SCPLS are part of Vision 2057, a community framework that brings together all of the towns master plans and other key planning initiatives under four key strategic directions: create it, preserve it, afford it, live it.

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Council approves plan to retain Oakville Arena