Council approves new OLG e-Bingo revitalization initiative in Oakville

Tuesday, August 16, 2011 – for immediate release

Council approves new OLG e-Bingo revitalization initiative in Oakville

The future of bingo in Oakville will be unveiled in spring 2012

Oakville bingo players will soon see what the future holds for this popular game. Last night, after hearing from a number of delegations from the Lion’s Club, the Optimist Club, Delta Bingo and the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission (OLG), Town Council approved stage one of Oakville’s participation in the Charitable Bingo and Gaming Revitalization Initiative (e-Bingo) to help sustain the financial health of commercial operators and charities.

“We’re aware that the bingo industry has been in a steady state of decline over the last several years,” Oakville Mayor Rob Burton said. “We only have one bingo hall left in Oakville and it helps 34 community charities through its bingo revenues. It’s our goal to make sure these groups continue to be strong.”

Launched as a pilot project in 2005 with six e-Bingo sites, the OLG’s revitalization initiative was designed to preserve and enhance bingo revenue for local charitable organizations by providing a lineup of new electronic and paper versions of other charitable gaming. With the success of the pilot, the initiative will now include an additional 15 locations province-wide with Oakville’s Delta Bingo as one of the new sites.

Although the town’s annual bingo licensing revenues may decrease in the short-term (Oakville’s licensing revenue for 2012 is forecasted to fall from $200,000 to $85,000), OLG predicts that the town’s service clubs and charities can expect increased long-term revenues as bingo halls evolve into charitable gaming centres and attract new players.

Under the new e-Bingo model, the town will continue to:

play an administrative role
determine eligibility of charities
approve and monitor “use of proceeds”
issue permits, instead of licenses, to eligible charities
receive/validate monthly distribution report of funds to charities
ensure volunteers are members of the charities licensed to hold the event

In the next stage, a contract must be signed by the Town of Oakville, along with the OLG, the commercial operator (Delta Bingo), and the local charity association. Last night Council passed a motion suggested by Mayor Burton that requires Council to consult the public and review and approve the contract prior to signing.

“We have had an interest in this initiative from the outset and Council wants to stay involved in the process as it moves forward. This is the Oakville way,” Mayor Burton said. “This motion provides us with the opportunity to ensure that the type of electronic games offered at Delta Bingo are what Oakville wants.”

The OLG expects to launch e-Bingo at Oakville’s Delta Bingo in the spring of 2012.


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Council approves new OLG e-Bingo revitalization initiative in Oakville