Council adopts interim telecommunications facilities protocol

Wednesday, October 26, 2011 – for immediate release

Council adopts interim telecommunications facilities protocol

Public workshop to be held on November 30

Council has adopted a new interim telecommunications facilities protocol. The interim protocol clarifies the town’s role and the role of public consultation on telecommunication applications. Industry Canada is the approval authority for all telecommunications facilities with the town solely providing comments on the public notification requirements and facility design for non-exempt telecommunications facilities.

The interim protocol includes a request of Industry Canada to ensure that no telecommunications facilities be permitted within 200 metres of a sensitive land use, 120 metres from Lake Ontario or 20 metres from a cultural designated property or district or natural area. The interim protocol also sets out facility design requirements that the town is requesting Industry Canada implement on all facilities. Facilities that are not exempted by Industry Canada to consult with the town will be guided by the public notice submission requirements set out in the interim protocol and subject to a $5,000 fee.

“Ultimately, telecommunications facilities are regulated by Industry Canada. Even though the town does not have the authority to approve or deny the installation of telecommunications facilities, Council wants to ensure that the town and our residents have an opportunity to give feedback on these applications,” Mayor Rob Burton said.

Council has directed staff to further consult with the public before a finalized version of the protocol is brought back to Council. The town has arranged for a public workshop to be held on November 30.

Town staff will report back to Council early in the new year.


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Council adopts interim telecommunications facilities protocol