Hamilton, Ontario and Rick Martin

The city of Hamilton has a population of 519,949 (2011). It’s main industry is manufacturing, home to steel plants Stelco and Dofasco.

“I think people have finally discovered that Hamilton is better than they thought it was.” tells President Bruce Moran of the Realtors Association of Burlington-Hamilton to CBC reporter Sheryl Nadler/CBC. Hamilton’s housing market is hot, seeing a steady increase in housing sales. Houses have been selling faster and for more and there does not seem to be signs of a slow down. (July 2013)

Hamilton – More Than You Expected!

Hamilton certainly does have much to boast about with a vibrant downtown community, a strong commitment to the arts, the annual Super Crawl showcases local talent and artisans.

Hamilton offers a public transit system consisting of city bus routes, shuttles and trans cab. There are extensive cycling paths, in Hamilton to get you to and from work, or off the beaten path to discover something new.

Van Wagners Beach draws a crowd year round and is a wonderful retreat from busy city streets or an awesome way to spend a day with kids. Barangas on the Beach as well as Hutch’s are two popular restaurants along the beach strip. Just outside the beach is Adventure Village where kids can play miniature golf, rock climbing or outdoor laser tag amongst other fun adventures.