Burlington, Ontario and Rick Martin

Burlington, a city of 175,779 (2011) is a part of the Halton region. It is an active city with a lot of opportunities for both businesses and families.

Nestled under the Skyway bridge is Burlington beach, a lovely stroll anytime of year and a nice retreat from the street traffic. Now, located in the Beachway Pump House you can find Burlington Beach Rentals to make getting out of the house and packing up the car less stressful. Or try out a Paddle Board or Paddble boat at their rental location to add an element of adventure to your beach day!

With a very active downtown you should have no trouble figuring out what to do but if you’d like to hear one local resident’s take on hometown adventures visit Mr. Burlington, he goes on 100 hometown adventures as a tourist in his own city!

Burlington Keeps You In the Know

The City of Burlington has taken a very progressive approach to promoting business as well as accommodating the needs and desires of its residents. Burlington keeps the city informed on their plans and progress and involves the community.

Walking along the shoreline in Burlington you will find the Brant Street Pier which extends 137 metres over Lake Ontario offering breathtaking views of the Lake and Burlington shoreline.