A little bit of this and a little bit of that

Calling all chocolate lovers! If you enjoy the tasty treat of chocolate then the Chocolate: The Exhibition is the place for you! Have you ever wondered where that chocolate goodness comes from? The new exhibition at the Royal Botanical Gardens has all the answers. The chocolate exhibition offers events and activities for all the chocolate lovers out there. It takes you on journey back in time to where the chocolate craze began. Come to the exhibition and engage in the story of chocolate. Visit ‘The Hamilton Now’ blog for more delicious details!

Switching gears to The World of Motorcycles Expo. It’s a fun time for the family! The expo offers fun activities for kids, a chance to shop for the latest bike models, riding gear and accessories! Talk to dealers, as well as bid on bikes priced to move in the motorcycle auction.  There is no need to worry about parking, it free! Bring the family and friends to join The World of Motorcycle Expo!

For those of you that enjoy working with your hands, tt’s that time of year! The 17th Annual Hamilton Woodworking Show! If you love working with wood then this is the event for you. The event includes tools, machinery, and supplies. Talk to experts and learn new things! If you enjoy carving wood, enter your carvings at The Canadian Woodworking Championships!

Do you want to learn more about the universe and all the mysteries surrounding it? McMaster University has Extreme Alien Worlds: A 3D Voyage Through and Beyond Our Solar System to assist you in your journey of knowledge. Explore strange and exciting planets and moons in our Solar System! Discover the latest news, as our search continues to find distant planets around stars other than our Sun in our Galaxy – with a combination of short 3D movies and interactive sessions with 3D slides. The show lasts one hour, and includes time for a question-and-answer session.

We have lots happening in Hamilton this weekend! Visit our Festival & Events page for even more ideas on how to spend your weekend in our city.

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Enjoy your time in Hamilton!

~ Jen


A little bit of this and a little bit of that